Gluten Free Andouille Sausage Pasta

I’m always experimenting with dinners that will conform to the dietary restrictions for my whole family: gluten-free, dairy free, at least mostly organic, and non GMO. In all of my experimentation, this recipe has definitely been the most successful! I would say on average we have some variation of this meal 3 – 4 nights a week, I keep on waiting for everyone to get sick of it but until that day comes it will continue to be my favorite go-to dinner.

Personally I feel like the best choice, if you’re trying to avoid gluten and/or grains in general, is to skip the gluten-free copycat products. But at this point my husband has only been gluten-free for about 2 months and right now all things derived from and containing rice are single-handedly getting us through! I would love for all of us to eventually go grain-free but for now I’ll be content with our current progress in this journey. And it definitely beats the gas station pizza and red bull diet he was keeping for the past few years, and yes I’m serious. smh.


Andouille Sausage Pasta


Servings: 4 – 6

Prep time: 15 min

Cook time: 30 min

Total time: 45 min




16 oz brown rice pasta spirals

4 large Andouille chicken sausages

1 white onion

2 tbs minced garlic

8 oz organic frozen spinach

16 oz organic frozen brussels sprouts

1 – 2 tbs olive oil (grass-fed butter or ghee are also good options)

Pink Himalayan salt (to taste)



Step 1

Set one large pot of water to boil in preparation for pasta.

Place frozen brussels spouts in colander and rinse with warm water to soften.

Dice onion and cut sausages into small pieces according to preference.

Set large sauté pan on low heat and add olive oil.

Step 2

Once water is boiling add pasta, for the Tinkyada brown rice pasta that we use I have found that it can be easy to overcook, so I have been using this method to ensure the best possible texture: cook on medium high for 7 minutes, turn the heat off for another 7 minutes, strain and quickly rinse with cool/room temperature water.

(Optional) Chop brussels sprouts in half

Add onion, garlic, spinach, brussels sprouts, and sausage to saute pan. Bump the heat up to medium, stirring frequently. I ultimately dictate cook time based on the texture of the veggies, so make sure you keep an eye on it so you don’t end up with one big glop of veggie/sausage mystery goop. It can really be a deal breaker for those picky eaters!

Step 3

Once the sausage and veggies have reached your desired texture remove from heat. Salt to taste.

What I usually do is combine the pasta and half of the veggie/sausage mixture in a large pot or serving dish and then use the other half to “top” each serving. Also, if you’re like me and want to limit your starch intake you can just eat the veggie and sausage stirfry on its own, it’s still very tasty all on its own!


So there you go! This is pretty much a fail-safe in my house and I hope you have the same luck with your family! I have also made many variations and substitutions in this recipe using broccoli or ground turkey, my mother-in-law recently tried using spinach and tuna and she loved it! So play with it, have fun, and eat up!





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