DIY Nontoxic Glass Cleaner with Sals Suds Biodegradable Cleaner

glass-cleaner-edit-3.jpgI am in LOVE with this new nontoxic glass cleaner recipe. So simple. So easy. So not full of toxic chemicals and endocrine disruptors. I’ve tried a few different recipes for nontoxic glass cleaners that worked pretty well, but I wasn’t completely satisfied so I started experimenting to find a concoction that would meet all of my glass cleaning needs (ex. toothpaste splatters on the mirror.) During my quest for the perfect nontoxic glass cleaner, I discovered Sals Suds Biodegradable Cleaner. This product is made by the beloved Dr. Bronner’s company, it has a million amazing uses and it cleans just about any hard surface without leaving any residue at all! Because of this miracle ingredient that works so well on grease and stubborn spots, this product is also suitable for cooktops and kitchen appliances. I still use the Nontoxic All-Purpose Cleaner for most of my cleaning needs because of the wonderful scent. But when I’m feeling particularly lazy, I’ve used this nontoxic glass cleaner on most of the hard surfaces in my home with great results!

And, of course, no “DIY Nontoxic Cleaner” post is complete without some muck-raking (sorry not sorry) but I feel the need to spread the word. Commercial glass cleaners aren’t cheaper, easier, or safer and every little bit of environmental toxicity you can eliminate in your home really does count!

So here’s some “muck” I gathered from the EWG Guide to Healthy Cleaning about a few of the most commonly used glass cleaning products…

Windex Original Glass Cleaner – “May contain ingredients with potential for acute aquatic toxicity; respiratory effects; skin irritation/allergies/damage.” No thanks.

Green Works Naturally Derived Glass Cleaner – “May contain ingredients with potential for Government enforceable restrictions; respiratory effects; nervous system effects.” This is a perfect example of the “green-washing” epidemic… ridiculous.

Walmart Great Value Original Glass Cleaner – “May contain ingredients with potential for digestive system effects; blood-related effects; acute aquatic toxicity.” NOPE.

Windex Foaming Glass Cleaner – “May contain ingredients with potential for developmental/endocrine/reproductive effects; acute aquatic toxicity; respiratory effects.” I think I’ll pass…

So it’s clear to see why we’ve decided to steer clear of the commercial products. I’m sure that there are nontoxic glass cleaners on the market today that would be 100% safe to use but when it’s SO easy and SO cheap to make your own, why the heck not!?



1 cup filtered water

1 cup white vinegar

1/2 tbs Sals Suds Biodegradable Cleaner


Pour all ingredients together in a clean squirt bottles, be sure there are no cleaner residues from past concoctions. Shake it up and you’re good to go! And just a heads up, there is a pretty strong vinegar smell when you’re using the glass cleaner but it quickly dissipates as the surface dries! I hope you all enjoy and have a blessed day!








EWG’s Guide to Healthy Cleaning



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